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Darkness. That was what his world had mainly consisted of for the first fifty odd years. He thought that things between them would get better as he realized that there was nothing he could do about the situation they were currently in. But, no. Things didn't seem to improve after he had accepted that they were now stuck together forever. In fact, it only seemed to make him hate him more and more every time he saw his face. Sometimes he would wonder what it was like to have the thing you have been waiting years for to be snatched away from you at the very end, right in front of you, and being completely and utterly powerless to stop it. He hoped that he himself would never have to suffer that kind of loss.
He knew that he hated him for making him feel that pain ('Can he even feel pain anyway?' He thought). There were no sly smirks nor sarcastic jokes anymore and neither of them had the heart to even try to continue. Even the half-hearted arguments fizzled out and were replaced with full blown shouting matches. Every time he would end up broken on the inside but, on the outside he would still wear his perfect mask. He knew it was slipping though. He knew that it was only a matter of time before he broke and he left. And break he did.

“People like you are nothing but pathetic pigs! Wallowing in self pity over something as trivial as your next meal! It's disgusting!” The young lord yelled from his position behind the desk.
The butler stood stoically on the other side of the room where the door was located with a blank expression on his face. To most people this would just look like a stuck up child throwing a tantrum but, to those with a bit more sense they could see that this was more than a petty argument. Much more. The man looked calm on the surface but, the boy could tell that under that cool facade was a fire that was just waiting to erupt. Secretly, he was dreading his answer. When he spoke it wasn't a jokey snip, it was words formed from pure hate and malice.
“If I am such a pathetic person then why did you summon me in the first place?” He asked in a low dangerous tone.
“How many times must I say it? I never summoned you! You just came to me and dangled your offer in front of my face. I was desperate and you offered a way out, did you really expect me to decline?” The boy replied in an equally dangerous voice.
'At least he didn't ask the only question I will refuse to answer...' He thought running a hand through his navy locks.
“Young Master?”
“What now, Sebastian?” He sighed focusing his attention back on the man in question.
“If that is the truth and you really do see me as nothing more that a pig then, why do you insist on keeping me by your side for the rest of eternity?”
'Ah, there it is. The ultimate question.'
He looked over at the butler mouth hanging open, unable to form the words that had been trapped inside him for so long. His mouth moved to attempt to speak but, no sound came. A smirk formed on  Sebastian's lips, taking delight that he had managed to catch his master off with that question. In all truth he really did want to hear the answer to this. It could keep him amused for a short while before his life became a monotonous rut once again. And on the  plus side he might even be able to gain some new verbal ammo to use.
“I refuse to answer such a question.” Came the boy's reply at last.
“Come now my lord, what sort of English gentleman refuses to answer such simple question?” Sebastian prodded.
It also amused him how the fire inside the young one would slowly ignite itself for a few seconds then be quickly snuffed out once again. He could sense that he was near breaking point and that was all he needed to hopefully have the contract be broken and his freedom restored.
“Am I not entitled to have at least one piece of my mind that has not been dragged out and scrutinized by you. Can't I have just one tiny little thought all to myself.”
“That's not quite the answer I was expecting.”
“Are you arguing with me, Sebastian?”
“No, Young Master, I am simply stating a fact.”
“So, now you proceed to mock me?”
“ No, Young Master as I-”
“ DON'T YOU DARE LIE TO ME!” The boy all but shrieked.
Sebastian was rather surprised by his young lord's sudden outburst. He knew his emotions had been all over the place since he had become a demon. In fact, his entire mind had been all over the place. His outbursts were usually sudden but, not really violent or angry or even directed at him. He had first found out about his master being so unstable when he had suddenly burst out in tears a couple of days after becoming a demon. After that he would either just disappear somewhere and come back with puffy eyes and red cheeks or just burst out into a laughing fit. It was very odd for him to start yelling though but, it had happened. Sometimes he would scream and shout and go completely of his head. On days like that he could hardly remember his own name. Sebastian blamed all of this on Claude, naturally, since he was the one who had the smart idea to intertwine his young master's and Alois' souls together. Of course there would be side affects.
“ I would never lie to you, young master.” He replied calmly after realizing that the boy had been staring at him intently.
“That's a lie as well and you know it.”
“When have I ever lied to you?” Sebastian asked dropping all politeness because he was just about fed up with his Master's behavior.
“You lied to me about Alois, for starters,” He replied seemingly calming down, “But, you also lied when you said you would never lie to me. And of course, you even pretended that you cared for me as a person, not just a meal.”
“But, Young Master, a soul to a demon is not just a meal. That soul becomes a part of who we are. I have told you many times yet you refuse to listen!”
“Get out...” He whispered dangerously.
“ Young Mast-”
“Get out! Just go if you 'care' so much! Get out of my sight and don't you ever come back to me! That is an order, Sebastian.”
Sebastian let a dark smirk cross his features, “ Yes, my Lord...”
With those final words the butler swept his way out of his master's office leaving the boy in an emotional wreak over not being able to say those words to his face.
“ I-I love you that's why you stupid one hell of a butler...”

Ciel shook his head and continued with the task at hand. He had been a demon for about three hundred years now. Fifty odd of those had been aimlessly wandering around Hell searching for his butler. Eventually he decided to lay down and die in a hole because that was all he could do. He was prepared to just give up when he came. Harold. He said that seeing somebody so strong inside fall to pieces was pathetic. Ciel chuckled at the memory and how offended he had got when he had said that. Harold, the stranger had called him pathetic. It was laughable really how low he had sunk. It was in that moment that he had decided that he was going to strong. He would not just give up. He spent another one hundred years with Harold until he was strong enough to stand on his own two feet, then he just left. Said there was someone he needed to see but, he had said that he would come and see him again sometime. He smiled as he looked over at one of his current friends. Yuki. He was some crazy incubus with bright pink hair and and even stranger dress sense. Why a man would want to wear women's clothing out of choice he would never know. Currently Yuki was slumped over on the table sleeping as if he hadn't a care in the world.
'Well,' Ciel thought continuing his task, 'It's alright for some, feasting off souls through such vulgar means.'
“Hey, Ciel. Hurry up with that or you'll get something thrown at you again.” Yuki muttered stretching as he woke up from his unnecessary slumber.
“I wouldn't have to if  you didn't sleep so much. How can one demon be so lazy!” He teased.
“Well, I would of never thought that the almighty Earl Phantomhive would of stooped so low to become a butler! Remind me again how you got us into this mess, hm?” Yuki teased back.
Ciel just laughed it off but inside he did wonder, how had he ever stooped so low. He dealt out the last of his current contractor's son's breakfast onto the trolley. Earth had changed a lot since he had last been there. According to Yuki, the human race went through a huge technological age but, eventually the world's economy collapsed and huge wars broke out all across the planet. Alot of people died and the world started reforming, using knowledge of the past. Currently, the world was in a state similar to that when he was human. They call it Neo-Victorian, which served to make him feel more comfortable around people. The aristocracy was still present and England still had it's values so things weren't so strange.
His current master is part of the aristocracy as well as his bratty son. Ciel vowed if Sebastian ever comes back to him he'll do more things for himself instead of just ordering him to do it. He had been such a brat before Sebastian left, at least something good came from that. He still couldn't believe how he hadn't seen it coming. Of course he was trying to drive a wedge between them so he could just get his precious freedom. He didn't blame him because he had been starving and Ciel now knew how it felt to be starving as  a demon. He had starved as a human once but that now didn't even compare to a demon's hunger. When searching for the butler he hadn't eaten once an he felt as if his insides were trying to consume themselves. Luckily he would never ever have to feel that way again.
He lightly knocked on the wooden door that was the little brat's bedroom and let himself in without permission. He wheeled the trolley beside the boy's bed and pulled the curtains open abruptly.
“Sir, it's time to get up.” He chimed in an overly sugary voice.
“I'm already awake you imbecile.” The boy snapped.
Charles Goodman. Even more stuck up and rude than he ever was. He looked like what anyone would consider a 'normal' child. He was about the same age as Ciel was when he 'died' ,which was thirteen, and he had wavy brown hair and green eyes. He was also the proud owner of a personality less diverse than a rock and an IQ to match. At least he was consistent.
“So you are, sir.” He said turning around to face the brat.
“Good. You have eyes at least, now, serve me my breakfast I'm hungry.” Charles snapped impatiently.
“Very well sir.”
'Really!' Ciel thought bitterly, 'Why would anyone want to keep such a little brat? He's already a drain on resources as it it and the amount he eats! Well, at least his father's soul is well worth it.'
“Boy, tell me what will I be doing today?” The brat in question asked as he finished off devouring the remains of his food.
“Today you are free to do as you please but, I do believe that your father wishes to speak with you when your ready.”
“Very well.”
It took about half an hour to dress him because he just refused to sit still. By the time he was finished  tidying up and taking the trolley back to the kitchen and then having to make sure Yuki had no access to fire (since he went a bit mad around flames) it had been about an hour. Normally a demon would have been able to do such things in mere minutes but, Ciel was exhausted. It had been about five years since he had a quality meal even though he could gain energy from human food. He preferred not to eat it though because he had begun to lose his taste for it and also he had an even more expensive taste than his master. Speaking of whom, he would be  rather angry that he was very late. Ciel didn't really care much because their contract was nearing it's end and then he could feast and go back home. He and the boy walked down the corridor to his master's office where the man was waiting. Suddenly, Ciel felt a sudden dark energy surrounding the entire mansion. The energy was all spread out and it was impossible to pinpoint. Another demon had appeared, a powerful one.
'Where are you?' He thought scanning the corridor as they walked, 'Show yourself to me.'
Charles knocked on the door loudly snapping him out of  his mental search. When there was no answer he knocked again. Ciel felt a fluctuation in the energy and realized that the other demon was in that room with his master.
“Charles, go to Yuki and stay with him this time.” He whispered urgently, “Don't argue, just do it. I am as sure as Hell not letting you get between me and another demon.”
The boy just nodded and ran off in the direction of the servant's quarters knowing that something was seriously wrong if the butler was acting as he was. In fact he'd never seen the demon so on edge. He'd met and fought other demons before and things hadn't got very dangerous so this was serious.
Ciel waited until the boy was out of danger before stripping off his butler clothes in a cloud of black smoke to wear his battle suit. He mused on the craftsmanship of such an item. Some of the best leather that a demon could get his hands on. It was as strong as metal yet as comfortable and lightweight as cotton. It was jet black in color with an inbuilt corset with lace decorating it. At the back there was a large bow made from black netting an different types of lack for show. The whole leather outfit only covered a tiny portion of his body as it was designed like a lady's swimsuit leaving his leg entirely bare if he hadn't had any thigh-high high-heeled boots but, his appearance was the least of his concern right now. His top priority was the demon.
Summoning up all of the courage he had, Ciel flung the oak door wide open prepared to attack the intruder. What he saw was the thing he least expected. A jet black demon standing over the corpse of his master.

A/N: So what do you think? Too long? Too short? Just right? Did it ramble on for too long? Please drop a review and I'll try to improve :3
My first Black Butler fanfiction. I hope it;s good, really. Please review if you like it and with anything I could work on :D
I do NOT own Black Butler ^_^ If I did well, you'd know about it XD
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